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Edison Lighting takes pride in introducing world-class LED products in India with a registered office in Bangalore.

Edison Lighting with over 20 years of expertise in lighting solutions is based in UAE-Dubai having its registered design office in Bolton, United Kingdom with an Asia manufacturing plant in Jiangmen, Guangdong, China, Since 2007, Edison Lighting has been dedicated to revolutionizing the LED lighting industry through developing several outstanding LED luminaries light sources and controllers. The company’s successful progress lies in the excellent knowledge of lighting technology, and the use of high engineering performance and safety standards. in compliance with the general standard of the European Union EN-60598, CE, UTL..

Edison Lighting offers products and services in many countries including the UK, Australia, GCC Countries, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and many others. The company focuses on innovative products that are thoughtfully designed to meet the real needs of customers. Our experienced and professional team works with architects, electrical engineers, lighting designers, and event lighting companies worldwide

Edison Lighting apart from manufacturing allows us to render a complete range of services which include: Lighting Design, Lighting Control System Design, Site Lighting & Infrastructure, Focus & Programming of Lighting, Owner’s Representative for Lighting Decisions, and Cost Quotations.

The use of the right light is able to create an atmosphere and make new worlds of experience.

Edison Lighting is distinguished by its highly varied product range and flexible structures. In terms of logistics and technology, we are prepared for any size project or individual inquiry.

Thus, individual orders of small quantities can be processed just as quickly and reliably as large-volume contracts.

If you are interested in a no-obligation meeting, we would be happy to present what we can do for you!

CEO/Director Desk

Gilani Sogi

Founder & CEO

Gilani completed his BA in electrical and MBA in India, worked as a lighting consultant for 22 years in the UK and Dubai, and soon he then moved to India where he started his own business with the same brand, which specializes in manufacturing architectural/customized light fixtures.

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